The ShopTrac System

Brick-and-mortar stores struggle with collecting data on customer traffic, as they lack the tools and resources readily available to their e-commerce counterparts. ShopTrac is an all-in-one computer vision solution that allows retailers to count visitors and classify individuals based on age and sex. It uses a discreet door-mounted camera system for non-invasive tracking and machine-learning algorithms to profile store customers. With an easy-to-use web dashboard, retailers can access store performance and customer statistics from anywhere in the world.


How it Works

With the ShopTrac system, discreet camera modules are mounted above store entrances to track entering and leaving customers. As visitors exit, they are idenitifed by age and sex using facial processing algorithms. This entire distributed system of camera nodes report back to a cloud server, which synthesizes the various data streams to construct a complete, real-time profile of the store and its customers. Statistics such as peak times, foot traffic rates, and store capacity are visualized and made available on the web dashboard.

Featured Specs

  • 90 degree wide angle camera
  • Data stored securedly on the cloud
  • Profile up to 5 people at once
  • Human traffic and analytics provided
  • Rockchip RK 3399 6 core
  • MALI T-860 Quad-Core GPU
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • PCIe 4x support