A belated Christmas

January 14, 2019

Today is a very special day as we have finally received our hardware! Though Santa (DHL) came a bit late than expected, we’re still happy to now have the RockPro64 single-board computer now at our disposal to begin development on the ShopTrac system.

Our lovely components

Our electrical lead, Sebastian Fiorini, was first to get his hands on the parts and worked quickly to get the system up and running. His first order of business was to assemble the CPU heatsink and fan system, which he did so expertly with the help of some silicon paste. Next, with the board powered, he installed the Ubuntu Linux image as the operating system. Soon enough, we were greeted with this lovely piece of ASCII art from the console:

A warm welcome from the RockPro OS

To finish off the platform configuration, Sebastian connected the board to Ethernet and assigned a static IP address to the system, so that the entire team could access and work on the device via SSH from anywhere!

Stay tuned for our next post when we begin our bring-up!