Welcome to ShopTrac!

The problem statement of Shoptrac is simple: to design a device to count and identify the age and sex of visitors entering a retail location and report statistics. Yet nobody has found a good way to do it till this day!

Our team has developed an all-in-one computer vision solution to fulfill this need. Using discreet door-mounted cameras, state of the art machine-learning algorithms, and an easy-to-use web dashboard, retailers can have store performance and customer data right at their fingertips.



One-size fits all, from big-box retailer to small-town convenience store.


Improve your margins without breaking the bank.


We preserve the shopping experience of your customers.

About Us

Following our fearless leader Sebastion Fiorini, our group is dedicated to changing the world in a positive way.


We love counting people and profiling them.

In just 2 weeks look at our results so far.


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